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Condo Renovation

Our client is a busy professional seeking a condo renovation to modernize her dated ’70s kitchen and bath. Her dark basic L-shaped kitchen had limited function and storage. Bathroom needed updating, storage and generally more usability. To save her from lugging laundry around, adding an ensuite laundry was a high priority.

The Work

Changing the kitchen from an L to a U-shape created more storage and opportunity to move the appliances around.  It also made for a better layout and gained counter space. Utilizing the bare wall allowed for a pullout pantry next to the fridge, a dishwasher where there wasn’t before and a bank of large drawers for easy access storage. We expanded the passthrough creating a more open feel. Specifically for the client’s need, we created a small coffee corner with unique tile detail and floating shelves. To brighten the dim kitchen, we added pot lights for the main lighting and under-cabinet pucks for countertop work. Also, the puck lighting shows off the fun ombre hexagon backsplash.

The bathroom was dark and dated so we added more lighting. Limited storage in the existing vanity created a cluttered countertop. The new vanity minimizes clutter with more drawers and a mirrored medicine cabinet. Centring the off-set sink created a more symmetrical look and gave us the room to put sconces on either side. The tub is of no use so a custom shower was built in its place.  Adding a custom niche to the shower is a nice touch to shelf beauty products. Glass shower doors replaced a shower curtain allowing more light.

While there was shared laundry in the building, it was important to the client to bring it in the suite. We took the opportunity to tie into the bathroom sink plumbing to install a laundry unit in the walkthrough closet. Installation of custom shelving around the laundry to make up for what was lost in the closet.

Some Challenges

Typical of a ’70s building, asbestos was found in the drywall requiring abatement team to do the demolition. The existing plumbing was not up to current code so we had to collaborate with the city inspector to come up with a creative idea on how to install the laundry units. The electrical panel was upgraded to satisfy the new code and to support the extra load from the new washer, dryer and dishwasher.


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