Cherry On The Top – Kitchen Renovation

Purpose of renovation and construction challenges

An update was needed to the kitchen of this stunning heritage home while remaining consistent with the rest of the home. Darker wood needed to be balanced to ensure it felt traditional yet light and more entertaining space and storage were needed. Challenges included an unexpected second layer under the existing flooring and a corner post which determined how cabinets were designed and an existing radiator had to be factored in.

Efficient use of space

The kitchen cabinet area by Pacific Rim Cabinets has now been extended and provides a bigger cooking space and a bar was added for guests to socialize. The boxy storage cupboard has now been replaced with floor to ceiling cabinets, provides more storage with less depth thanks to the newly exposed 10ft ceilings. A rolling ladder allows access to the upper cabinets and adds worldly charm while a display cabinet was installed for our clients prized treasures.

Creativity and finishing details

The wild movement of the cherry cabinets juxtaposes the clean lines of the kitchen and the easy to clean and maintain, Cambria counters, replicate silver-capped waves and deep foamy sea, in keeping with this beach town property. The custom elm live edge bar is one-of-kind, and adds a rustic feel and the hand scraped flooring is completely unique. The white glossy backsplash tiles help bounce light around the room and adds simplicity of colour to a rich space.

Environmental considerations (energy, comfort, health)

  • The cherry cabinets have a 10 year warranty
  • Cambria counters have a lifetime guarantee
  • The unique flooring has a 25 years warranty
  • The backsplash is stain and chemical resistant
  • All old materials taken from the site were separated and recycled.

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