Basement Renovation – More Room Please

This two-generation in one home family came to us for a basement renovation. The goal, to create a self-contained basement living area for the children and new grandchild to live in. The basement had to accommodate the growing family and with an option to rent it later

We saw an opportunity to grow the basement by digging out 400 square feet of crawl space.  Further, we removed existing cabinets, countertops, all flooring, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, closet shelving, bathroom accessories, exhaust fans, window coverings, interior doors, door casings and baseboards.

With the larger basement, we added two bedrooms, a full bath, separate laundry, a living room and turned the rec room into a kitchen. Maximized closet space with built-in shelving and drawers. We designed a kitchen for maximum storage and function with a large island for prep work and eating. Because the basement is dark, a light colour pallet was used and wood flooring installed to brighten the place. Contrast colour on the back of the island with pendant lights above create interest in this minimalist home.

Now this two-generation family can enjoy the benefits of being under the same roof and still have their own space. Considering the cost of living in Vancouver, a renovation like this is a great option

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