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Pairing The Antique With The Sleek – Tasteful & Beautiful Interior Design With The Help Of Vintage Light Fixtures

August 7, 2013

There are multiple reasons why you should “mix it up” and pair antique lights with your brand new remodel, namely it looks amazing, but here are few to start the conversation:

Hook & Ladder Restaurant – Omega Lighting Design

1.) This is a big one: It helps transcend time periods & trends.
There is nothing worse than 5 years after you’ve redecorated to feel like you are surrounded by yesterday’s news. Think of it like technology. If you put in the latest tube TV set of its day, and then everyone evolves to flat screens, you’re bummed. But if you had a smokin’ groovy retro TV set in the corner to begin with, it would still be a fun conversation piece. ( Not the tightest analogy, but you get the idea.)

2.) It adds depth & texture to a room.
You’d be surprised how many folks respond to visually interesting things when they walk into a room. The last thing you want them saying is “I saw that in the catalog too.” or “I know where you got that.” What you really want them to say is something like “OMG, where on Earth did you find that?!”

3.) Defy tradition.( A.K.A. Have fun.)
As most any Interior Designer will tell you, it is boring to do what’s already been done. Put your own twist on it, or use it as a starting point, but don’t aim backwards. Be open minded and a little spontaneous.

The only rule really is that you like it. Not that it looks just like the picture your thinking of copying.



Omega Lighting Design, started in 1991 as ‘Omega Too’. A place to buy beautiful lights that didn’t quite fit in at the historic Ohmega Salvage Yard down the street. Omega Lighting Design ( O.L.D.) has thrived in a community that appreciates the old and beautiful. Custom work is their passion. Whether it is custom iron work or an idea someone wants to bring to light, Mark and Vanessa Bell can help.


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