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Japanese Minimalism and French Luxury – Bathroom Renovation

October 23, 2013

Bring the spa to your bathroom. *Japanese minimalism* and *French luxury* are the sophisticated bathroom renovation trends of 2014. These minimalistic and luxurious design elements create a spa-inspired bathroom oasis.

Japanese bathroom renovation designs are minimal and tranquil. Focus on flow, curves and water elements. Décor options include:

The House Fit for “Sonny and Claire”
Second Master ensuite features walk-in shower with high-end washlet

· Kimono-shaped mirrors
· Wooden chest cabinetry
· Cherry blossom light fixtures
· Cascading wall art and stone motifs
· Curving walls
· Waterfall showers and floating sinks (creates additional space)

French bathroom renovation designs showcase modern luxury. Create every day comforts with electrical design elements. Décor options include:

· Grand french doors
· Wall mount bronze faucet
· Marble mosaic sink
· Gleaming silver tones to enhance the room’s old-world elegance
· Free standing soaker tub
· Marble and wood furniture, vanities
· Candle-like lighting, antique framed mirrors

Both the French and Japanese design trends also dictate the colour trends. Get creative with these wall art ideas:

· Black and white, steel grey and earthy browns displayed with glass mosaics and textured wallpaper
· Glass mosaics can be accented anywhere
· Textured wallpaper should be placed in the most ventilated part of the room.

The spa-inspired bathroom is a modern oasis that opens the bathroom space while providing luxurious comfort. Contact us for information on how to incorporate these trends into your bathroom.


Screen-Shot-2013-03-17-at-8.34.11-AMKirsten Sutton is the head designer for reVISION Custom Home Renovations. She creates designs that are both functional and meaningful for each of the clients she works with. Kirsten received formal training in Architecture and Structural Drafting from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Her combined education, background and passion allow her to transform her clients’ dreams into a reality.

Have design questions?  Reach Kirsten Sutton at

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