Vancouver Home - January Checklist

Vancouver Home - January Checklist - Read this home renovation insight now.

January brings fresh starts and renewed hopes for the year ahead. With the excitement of the holidays gone and months of winter stretching out before us, January can be a little bit of a downer states Laura Gaskill. Start fresh this 2014 and say goodbye to 2013. Give your home the love it deserves and plan ahead. Here are 4 tips to get your year started:[caption id="attachment_2252" align="alignright" width="300"]

Vancouver home

Downtown Flow
This downtown heritage building received a masculine, modern renovation. We partnered with our clients to transform their loft into a modern day home built to entertain family, friends and colleagues.[/caption]1. Store away holiday decorations - Take the time to organize all your decorations and store them neatly. Cardboard boxes are the best for small ornaments and delicate pieces. Avoid storing decorations in the basement or attic where humidity and temperature fluctuate throughout the year. Instead, opt for a closet or storage area indoors.2. Set goals for the year - Take a moment to sit down and write down the goals you have for your home this year. Need a renovation? Want to be more organized? find out what you really want and keep your eye on the prize. Create a plan for the year and act accordingly.3. Protect pipes from freezing - If you have not already, prepare your home for the winter freeze. Check out our blog "Is Your Vancouver Home Ready For Winter" for more information on protecting your home during the winter.4. Keep your home fresh and cozy - Decorate your home for 2014. Spice up the couches with some patterned pillows, add a pop of colour in the corner wall and add some extra candles around the room. Brighten up your space and start off your year fresh and cozy.A New Year, A New You, A New Home - reTHINK your space.