Vancouver Heritage Home Gets a Facelift

Vancouver Heritage Home Gets a Facelift - Read this home renovation insight now.

From BCRenonation.caBy Maggie CallowayreVISION Custom Home Renovations goes to work in an old house with character.This was a full-on renovation by Todd Senft of reVISION Custom Home Renovations. A new top story was added, then the whole house including the bottom suite was renovated down to the studs and beyond."This is a heritage, character home on the east side of Vancouver. The project was very unique in that two intertwined projects were happening at the same time," Senft says. "My company was contracted to do the renovations and at the same time Lighthouse Sustainability was contracted by Metro Vancouver to do an audit of everything that came out of the house that was recycled or repurposed. Because this was a significant renovation it was a prime project for them to look at everything during deconstruct, which is a term they use instead of demolition. In real terms for us it meant everything being removed from the home must be dismantled in a way they could more easily recycle rather than just crushing them and throwing them into a bit."Read the full article PDF.