To Build or Renovate Your Vancouver Home?

To Build or Renovate Your Vancouver Home? - Read this home renovation insight now.


Many Homeowners have the question whether to renovate their vancouver home or build new. Here are a couple of factors to consider:

Get an estimate – Before you commit to a renovation or new build, getting an estimate can give you a sense of how much you will be spending. This will give you the ability to decide whether it’s worth living in your space or starting new.Find a good contractor – Choosing a contractor is choosing a partner. You will be working together for an extended period so trust, competence and common goals are key. Ask the tough questions, check references and trust your instincts.Incentives – Some rebates, like energy audits, are available for renovations. Search on line and ask your contractor what is available for you.Return on Investment– Before you commit to the type of renovation or build you should consider if the investment is worthwhile. For example painting and interior decorating offers up to 73% return, and kitchen renovations offer an average 72% return on investment.Eco-friendliness – Think green, there’s nothing greener than working with what you already have. Doing a renovation to upgrade your home using sensible materials is much more eco- friendly than ripping down your home and putting it in a landfill.Contact a Vancouver contractor and get the best out of your investment.

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