'Tis The Season - Show Off Your Vancouver Home

'Tis The Season - Show Off Your Vancouver Home - Read this home renovation insight now.

The holiday season is upon us, hosting festive parties for family and friends is one of our favourite parts of the season. The festivities allow you to get creative with your Vancouver home and have it looking it's best for your guests. Here are 5 tips to hosting a successful party this holiday season.[caption id="attachment_3033" align="alignright" width="300"]

Vancouver Home

A perfect area to host festive events and family gatherings during the holiday season.
2012 National SAM Award Winner and 2013 Ovation Award Winner[/caption]1. Budget and Plan Ahead - Set a budget which works for you and stick to it. Start planing for your party 2 weeks in advance. Write everything down so you do not go off track. This will make sure you have a worry, stress free event.2. Be Unique yet Traditional - Think outside of the box, instead of doing the normal turkey tradition switch it up. This year go for a prime rib, leg of lamb, duck, goose or cornish game hens. Pair your dinner with a cosmopolitan, hot toddy or apple cider.3. Create party ambiance with candles and scents - For lighting ambiance, use candles everywhere. Be creative, you can fill glasses with sand, cat-box filler or decorative rocks to hold taper candles in place. For inexpensive holiday scents, set some apple cider, fresh cloves and cinnamon at a simmer on your stove, this is a perfect replacement for pre-made potpourri.4. Relax - Enjoy your own party. You have been working all week to prep for this party, it is time for you to sit back and relax. Take 30 minutes before the guests arrive to kick up your feet and enjoy a drink.5. Give a small gift to your guests - Hand written cards are a nice way to thank people for coming to your party, and a bit unexpected these days.Remember to enjoy your own party, do not be over stressed. If you plan right everything will be perfect. Happy Holidays!