Tips to Keep Your Vancouver Home Organized - Back to School Edition

Tips to Keep Your Vancouver Home Organized - Back to School Edition - Read this home renovation insight now.


The start of a new school year is about to begin! A clean and organized workspace achieves time management, reduces stress and provides the ideal study spot. Listed below are tips to organize your Vancouver home and workspace for the perfect grade.Bedroom and Office Work Space· Renovate closets into small, alcove work spaces· Separate a bedroom from a work space· Schedule daily clean-ups· Incorporate labelled folders and filing cabinets· Coordinate and follow a colour scheme· Use Velcro strips to bundle cords and wires together; label each cord· Renovate an unused guest room into the perfect office or workspace.Kitchen Preparation· Kitchens are a multi-functional living space; ideal homework spot for younger students· Think about installing a pull-out/fold-out desk· Layered light fixtures conserves and utilizes lighting based on the task at hand· Create an event calendar in your Vancouver home· Family members can record homework assignments, events and appointments· Incorporate a framed chalk board or magnetic board for daily reminders and chores· Wicker baskets are a great place to store cell phones before a family mealHallway Preparation· Incorporate artistic knobs and name plates to hold back packs, purses and coats· Consider adding the above features into a hallway closet to reduce clutter· Install a built-in shoe rack and rolling rack· Add mirrors to create an illusion of a bigger hallway· Place mirrors directly across from windows to add more light· Create a hallway office· Install a pull-out/fold out desk attached to the wall. This is a great way to utilize space.The Added Touch· Incorporate flowers and plants· Scented candles give a relaxing, but energizing feel· Area rugs soften hardwood floors· Play around with wallpaper; unexpected places are perfect


Kirsten Sutton is the head designer for reVISION Custom Home Renovations. She creates designs that are both functional and meaningful for each of the clients she works with. Kirsten received formal training in Architecture and Structural Drafting from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Her combined education, background and passion allow her to transform her clients’ dreams into a reality.Have design questions? Reach Kirsten Sutton at