reVISION Wins 2014 GVHBA Ovation People's Choice Award for Project Downtown Flow

reVISION Wins 2014 GVHBA Ovation People's Choice Award for Project Downtown Flow - Read this home renovation insight now.

We are proud to announce our winning of the 2014 GVHBA Ovation People's Choice Award for Downtown Flow. Downtown Flow is a loft renovation that expresses Vancouver’s cutting edge style of sleek lines, brilliant art and love for the finer things in life…. like wine. The one bedroom loft with roof deck was designed around the clients love for art and fine wine.[caption id="attachment_3279" align="alignright" width="300"]

GVHBA Ovation Winner - Full condo Renovation

The reVISION Team accepts 2014 GVHBA Ovation Award for People's Choice project Downtown Flow[/caption]The People's choice award winner was 100 percent dependent on the public votes. Our team at reVISION was extremely nervous heading into the gala, but was quickly blown away with the publics response. We sincerely thank everyone who voted for us, we definitely could not have achieved this without you.It was important for us to receive this award as it identified us as a company through the publics eye. There were 10 other great entrants in the People's Choice Award category. Throughout the voting process we were running blind with our results. As soon as the gala day approached the team of reVISION could not wait to hear the results. This was the main award we wanted to win, our hearts were beating and palms were sweating. Our table heard "re" and jumped up in joy before the host could complete our companies name. Thank You and WOHOO!! (Click here to view all the amazing finalists for the 2014 People's Choice Award)Taking home the gold stands us proud and grateful for being noticed by the public. We had an amazing night at the gala, it allowed our team to get together and celebrate all the hard work and recognition for excellence in home building.Once again, Thank You!For more pictures of our award winning project click here.[caption id="attachment_3263" align="alignright" width="194"]

GVHBA Ovations

2014 - GVHBA Ovation Award Winner - People's Choice, Project Downtown Flow[/caption]2014 People's Choice Award Winner- Downtown Flow[caption id="attachment_2252" align="alignleft" width="300"]

GVHBA Ovation Winner - Full Condo Renovation

Downtown Flow Project - Full Condo Renovation People's Choice Award Winner.[/caption]