Oxford Street Heritage Home Renovation

Oxford Street Heritage Home Renovation - Read this home renovation insight now.

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Heritage home renovation and restoration Vancouver

Heritage Home Renovation and Restoration Vancouver BC[/caption]This is a great home renovation project we are working on at reVISION. This home was built in 1912 and almost all original. Although showing signs of age, we see opportunity to bring back this home's character with more contemporary elements.We will be stripping this home down to the studs and foundation both inside and out. On the outside we will install new siding, windows, trim, roof and stairs. Inside there will be new walls, flooring and finishes.One of the client's needs was to gain some height in the basement. The typical and costly method is to lift the house above the foundation and close the gap. A more economical solution we devised and will be using on this renovation is to break the floor slab, dig down a foot and install a new slab with a drainage system inside the foundation.More information to come as this renovation progresses.Our designer Kirsten Sutton talks with Safana about the project in the short video below.