Nip it and Tuck it - Working Kitchen Triangle Theory

Nip it and Tuck it - Working Kitchen Triangle Theory - Read this home renovation insight now.

Nip it and Tuck it. In the 1940's someone had the bright idea of the working triangle theory to help increase the kitchen's efficiency and usability. The idea is that if the stove, fridge and sink are arranged in a triangle, the kitchen would operate at maximum efficiency. The distance between the two major work stations was the main concern the closer they are, the better off you would be. This theorem was adopted by architects, chefs and designers for years, and some still to this day.[caption id="attachment_2877" align="alignright" width="300"]

Kitchen Renovation

Nip and Tuck - Full Kitchen Renovation[/caption]Of course, only a few kitchens can actually achieve such perfection, and most kitchens now days have different priorities than that of efficiency. It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home and as such it should function that way. Depending on your family's needs, your kitchen's layout should change accordingly.If you plan on entertaining a lot in your kitchen, then you may be more concerned with the use of space and having separate work areas for different tasks. For those with kids, you may be concerned more with safety and having their snacks low to the ground for them to find.Of course, few kitchens can actually achieve a perfect working triangle and some spaces make it impossible to achieve any at all. If you have a single-wall kitchen try to make sure the sink is placed between the refrigerator and the stove and that the door opens away from the sink. A galley kitchen can benefit from placing the kitchen cabinets on the opposite side of the appliances for a better work flow. Also, try closing off one entrance with a decorative screen to avoid traffic issues or simply place the fridge near one entrance so it is easy to access without bothering the cook.[caption id="attachment_2835" align="alignright" width="300"]

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The House Fit For "Sonny and Claire" - Full Kitchen Renovation[/caption]For the most part, the working triangle’s main objective is to minimize the number of steps it takes you to get to each one of the work zones, thereby making your space easier to manoeuvre and in turn making you more efficient. It’s something important to keep in mind as it will make for a much more enjoyable kitchen experience.