Mortgages - A Little Research Can Save You Thousands

Mortgages - A Little Research Can Save You Thousands - Read this home renovation insight now.

By Todd Senft for BC LifestyleFinding a suitable mortgage rate along with flexibility is important in today’s market. Many individuals have had confusion in regards to the new twenty percent down payment requirement. This new requirement brought aboard by the government applies only to the investment properties not towards the down payment of a principle residence. The down payment requirement for a home remains at five percent of the purchase price. With the interest rates remaining attractive, the current market conditions can land you a new home or condo. At the moment TD’s offers you a great rate along with benefits. For example a five- year fixed rate green mortgage allows you to be eligible for cash rebates on energy star qualified purchases or the purchase of a CSA approved solar panel for your home. This offer allows you to protect the environment by going green and also saves you money for now and the future. Embracing the green lifestyle in your home can also land you multiple rebates from the government. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a list of the rebates available. Before taking the step to purchase your home collect information to ensure you receive the best rate with the best benefits and terms. The market is slowly riding up along with interest rates, so do not wait too long, and get locked in sooner than later!Read the full article online at BC Lifestyle