Modern Renovation Ideas - May Checklist

Modern Renovation Ideas - May Checklist - Read this home renovation insight now.

May is a wonderful time to prepare your home for a season of indoor-outdoor living. Spruce up your outdoor kitchen, boost curb appeal, do a fire safety check and more -Give your home the love it deserves and plan ahead. Laura Gaskill gives us 4 modern renovation ideas to consider completing this month.

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Full House Renovation - Exterior

After - The existing exterior brick was replaced with a timeless dry stacked stone.[/caption]

1. Redo your deck and repaint your porch - Give the neighbours something to whisper about. Freshen up your porch and deck this month by applying a new coat of paint or stain states Laura Gaskill.

Refreshing your deck and porch once a year will extend the life of the wood and keep it looking its best.

2. reTHINK your outdoor kitchen - Jazz up your space by adding a full outdoor kitchen. It is the season to enjoy the outdoors and what's better than having the enjoyment right from the comfort of your own home. If you are looking for quick simple updates add a few fun features — such as a work surface, bar seating or an outdoor fridge. These features will host you a great bbq party for memorial day long weekend.

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Whole Home Renovation - Exterior

After - A fresh new look for this newly renovated home.[/caption]

3. Increase and add curb appeal - Now that the sun will be shinning bright consider increasing curb appeal. Add a bold new front door or change the exterior paint colour. For simple updates, add porch lights, plant new flowers and create a eye catching garden.

4. Enjoy your Home - Reward yourself this month. Have a glass of wine or sparkling orange juice, invite some friends over turn on the music and indulge. Take pride in your home and enjoy your space.