LA Times: Remodeling Trends - Males Abandoning Man-caves?

LA Times: Remodeling Trends - Males Abandoning Man-caves? - Read this home renovation insight now.

Men, could this be true? You're abandoning your man-caves for man-kitchens and man-patios?This emerging (get it?) trend was announced in a press release for reVISION, a remodeling company that won an award for the outdoor man-kitchen you see here.Todd Senft, from the Canadian remodeling company, said the project was created for "a young entrepreneurial bachelor, who doesn't want to just sit in front of the TV, watching sports and drinking beer. Guys like him are into cooking, into wine, and they want to impress friends, family and clients. He wants to be responsible for feeding his own guests."Plus: "It's an evolution in sophistication: more and more we see guys, like this client, who have great ideas for customizing their own kitchens. They've given it some thought and they know what they want."Read the full LA Times article PDF