June 2010 Renovation Newsletter

June 2010 Renovation Newsletter - Read this home renovation insight now.

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West Side Wide Open

Our newest renovated project, located on the West Side of Vancouver, is not just a kitchen it's a "GREAT" Room. A unified space that brings the outdoors in by extending the existing dining room to the outdoor patio. A bright, welcoming place to dine, talk and enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of the kitchen.

Project photo
Project photo


"Fighting the Underground Economy" Featured in Home Builder's May 2010 edition

GST was created 20 years ago and since then the federal government started collecting extra taxes on renovations. Now welcome HST, which is going to fuel the underground economy.2009's Home Renovator's Tax Credit (HRTC) encouraged homeowners to abandon cash operators in order to collect a receipt and get a rebate. With that gone, consumer education is an important factor in creating a permanent home renovation tax rebate. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has created the "Get it in Writing" campaign, which has a consumer page dedicated to providing information about the hazards associated with dealing with cash operators. The CRA has jumped on board this campaign by creating copies of the brochures available to all local HBA's who order them.The Federal government's main response to the underground economy threat is the Contractor Payment Reporting System (CPRS). Although they provide millions of dollars each year to homeowners for basic house upgrading, there is always a risk that some funds can find their way back underground.[divider_top]

17th Annual Parade of Renovated Homes a Success!

Heritage Haven, which was a Georgie Finalist in 2009 for Best Residential Renovation ($100,000 - $249,000), met great success at the Parade of Renovated Homes this May. The 6 hour event broke new ground, bringing in almost 200 attendees and showcasing a renovation that is both beautiful and accessible to the everyday home owner.Check out the makeover here: Heritage Haven[divider_top]

Patio Renovation Tips

Your outdoor living space is part of today's lifestyle. Turning your outdoor area into an extension of your house to create an attractive and relaxing space for you to enjoy during the warmer months of the year.

  1. Choose the right patio door. When choosing a patio door to connect and help protect your home from the great outdoors, consider the amount of space available, climate conditions, your home's style and your budget. Patio doors are an impressive focal point. They draw the eye outdoors and spotlight your yard, patio or deck.
  2. Be aware of sun, shade and wind. If the deck or patio will be bathed in sun the entire day, you may want to create a shaded area. Consider awnings, lattice walls, roof structures covered with plants or fabric forget. You may also wish to build a windscreen. These are also great ideas to ensure privacy.
  3. Add in light and water. If you plan to spend evenings outside or are concerned about security, make sure your plans include outdoor lighting fixtures as well as electrical outlets. Install an outdoor faucet for easy watering of flowers and shrubs.
  4. Plan for storage. Consider built-in benches with storage room, or an adjacent shed to store your patio furniture and accessories during the colder months.
  5. Eliminate potential problems. It is important to prevent water penetration where your home and patio meet to avoid the potential of rotting wood and/or mold.
  6. Integrate your outside space into an overall design. When designing your patio it is important to match your home's current design so the patio becomes an extension of your home, not just a structure to accommodate your BBQ. Consider the space you have to work with and decide if you are able to include different areas to meet different functions.


Current reVISION Renovation Projects

Lucky 13th AvenueLucky 13th Avenue is reVISION's latest project underway. A full 1100 square foot condo renovation.

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See more on our Facebook page

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