July 2011 Home Renovation Newsletter

July 2011 Home Renovation Newsletter - Read this home renovation insight now.

In this issue of reVISION's Renovation Newsletter:


BC Lifestyle

Todd Senft, president of reVISION Custom Home Renovations is a continuous contributor to the BC Lifestyle magazine. Make sure you check out his articles under the real-estate/finance sections online at[divider_top]

Announcement for Federal Grant Program

Information for the federal grant program has been announced. From June 6, 2011 to March 31, 2012 homeowners are eligible to receive grants up to $5000.00 to make their home more energy - efficient. Individuals who were previous participants of the ecoENERGY are eligible for this program if they did not receive their maximum $5000 grant. Individuals who had evaluations done from April 2007 onwards do not require a new evaluation, but only items which were purchased and installed after June 6, 2011 will be eligible for grants.Participants must register directly themselves with NRCAN prior to getting their evaluation done. You can complete the online form at: details regarding this program can be found online at:[divider_top]

Rebates and Grants for Home Owners

  • BC RESIDENTIAL ENERGY CREDITHome owners and residential landlords buying heating fuel receive a BC government point-of-sale rebate on utility bills equal to the provincial component of the HST.
  • BC HYDRO FRIDGE BUY-BACK PROGRAMThis ongoing program rebates BC Hydro customers $30 to turn in spare fridges in working condition.
  • BC HYDRO MAIL-IN REBATES/ SAVINGS COUPONSTo save energy, BC Hydro offers rebates including 10% off an ENERGY STAR cordless phone.
  • TERASEN GAS REBATE PROGRAMTerasen Gas offers $1,000 rebate for switching to natural gas (from oil or propane) and installing an ENERGY STAR heating system (good to Feb. 29, 2012).
  • TERASEN GAS EFFICIENT BOILER PROGRAMFor commercial buildings, provides a cash rebate of up to 75% of the purchase price of an energy efficient boiler, for new construction or retrofits. For more information: and in the search box enter 'gas efficient boiler program'.
  • LOCAL GOVERNMENT WATER CONSERVATION INCENTIVESYour municipality may provide grants and incentives to residents to help save water. For example, the City of Coquitlam offers residents a $100 rebate and the City of North Vancouver, District of North Vancouver, and District of West Vancouver offer a $50 rebate when residents install a low-flush toilet.
  • LOCAL GOVERNMENT WATER METER PROGRAMSYour municipality may provide a program for voluntary water metering, so that you pay only for the amount of water that you use. Delta, Richmond and Surrey have programs and other municipalities may soon follow. Visit your municipality's website and enter 'water meter' to find out if there is a program.


reVISION'S Projects in Progress

"Ritz it up on Richards" is freshly finished. This one bedroom condo features a new Ensuite and guest bathroom along with new tiling for the front entrance. reVISION has added a touch of luxury to this condo in beautiful downtown. Join us on Facebook to view the entire project!

project photo

Before: A poorly lit ensuite with an outdated tub

project photo

After: A brighter ensuite featuring a stand up shower with spa like features; a place made to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Visit us on Facebook to see the project from start to finish.[divider_top]

Tips and Tricks for your Outdoor Space

Outdoor living is today's newest lifestyle. Many home owners are turning their back yard space to a more attractive, entertaining, relaxing area. Depending on the size of your place you can create a full outdoor kitchen or simply a beautiful modernized patio or deck. When planning make sure you consult a professional renovator/ contractor as they can offer you advice to make sure you get the most out of your money!Here are a couple of tips when planning to add an outdoor living space:

  • Add Light: When planning, make sure you add outdoor lighting fixtures for those relaxing evenings spent outside.
  • Plan according to size: Make sure you stake out everything you need in the beginning and according to the size of your backyard. Adding extra feet is more expensive near the end rather than at planning stage! Make sure all your decisions for the unique things you need are planned for in the beginning.
  • Be creative: Nothing is impossible! Take the vision you have and explore deeper! Speak to a professional, bring your ideas and take in there's to make sure you have the best outdoor living space possible!
  • Don't forget weather conditions: Add lattice walls, awnings or roof structures to make sure you are ready for every weather condition. Living in BC you never know how the weather will play out so might as well make sure you can enjoy your living space all year round!