July 2010 Renovation Newsletter

July 2010 Renovation Newsletter - Read this home renovation insight now.

In this issue of reVISION's Renovation Newsletter:


Smoothing Out the Renovation Process

  • Protect your valuables. Clear the work area so it's free of furniture, drapes and art. Make sure you cover anything left behind so it doesn't get covered in dust.
  • Product Selections should be made early. To ensure the smooth progress of work, having specific items, like cabinets, flooring and lighting, already chosen will make the process quicker.
  • Be available to your renovator on short notice. You will have to make a number of smaller decisions throughout the process so contact with your renovator will make sure the schedule stays on track.
  • Keep changes to a minimum. Although most renovators are willing to accommodate changes to the original plan, it may result in a cost increase and time delay.
  • Discuss your concerns as they arise. It's never a good idea to wait for the "right moment".
  • Provide payment as agreed upon. Make sure payment terms are agreed upon in advance.
  • Accept the unpredictable with grace. Foul weather, unavailable products and unforeseen complications are part of the renovation experience and will be dealt with by your renovator in a professional manner.


Tips to Incorporate into your Green Renovation

A green renovation will improve indoor air quality, which in turn will improve your quality of living and your health. Just by incorporating natural materials and high quality, energy efficient lighting will inevitably give your space a natural beauty and comfort. On top of this, you will gain the ecological benefits by lowering your carbon footprint. Some tips that will lead you to a greener way of living could include following:

  • Non-toxic sealants, paints, flooring, cabinetry and countertops
  • Hard surface flooring for easy cleaning and easy care
  • Abundant natural daylight
  • Locally extracted granite countertops
  • Light-colored interior finishes allowing light to bounce around the home (ex, white, low VOC paint)
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Water efficient fixtures
  • Energy Star appliances


Deer Lake Dining

Revision's newest completed renovation, Deer Lake Dining, makes the most out of a smaller space by increasing storage areas that are easily tucked away. The oak cabinets accentuate the scenic view of Deer Lake Park by creating a warmer, fresher atmosphere inside. It's the kitchen space you need. View more of Deer Lake Dining here.

Project photo

Outdated and bland

Project photo

Warm, fresh and inviting

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City Green Grants

More than $5000 in ecoENERGY grants available to you and your home renovation. Email us for more details!