Is Your Vancouver Home Ready For Winter?

Is Your Vancouver Home Ready For Winter? - Read this home renovation insight now.

As the temperature drops in Vancouver it is important to protect your home from potential damage and address heat and energy leaks. Always remember to take the appropriate steps prior to the temperature drop so that you can save yourself from a massive bill later on. Here are 5 tips to prepare your home for colder winter days.1. Shut off hose bibs and remove garden hoses - Make sure you test your plumbing and shut off valves to prevent them from seizing.2. Clean out your gutters and check roof drains - Clogged gutters block the drainage of the rain in household leaks and cause damage to the landscape. As fall sheds it's leaves, grab a ladder, a garbage bag, some rubber gloves and dig in. Remove everything from twigs to leaves. Do not forget to check the downpipes, ensure the entire system in un-clogged and leak free.3. Service your fireplace - Get your fireplace set for the fire, grab a flashlight and look inside for build up, birds nest or obvious cracks. Ensure that your damper opens and closes and seals tightly. Lastly stock up on wood and kindling, you are now ready for a comfy cozy season by the fire.

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4. Change the air filter to your furnace – This will ensure optimum hot air flow5. Get a certified contractor - A certified contractor will tune up your heat pumps, boilers and gas furnaces, they will also answer any questions you may have to ensure your Vancouver home is ready for the winter.