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Home Renovation Preparation - Read this home renovation insight now.

From time to time the excitement of home renovation can turn into anxiety and discomfort as day to day routines and household patterns are disrupted. This is especially challenging for those of us with a preference for stability, organization and predictability. When routines and patterns are changed it’s natural to feel stressed. Smart Planning will help ease your mind and the renovation process. Here are 5 tips to prep your home before the renovation starts.[caption id="attachment_2806" align="alignright" width="300"]

Home renovation

More Room Please - Interior Renovation and Rear Addition[/caption]1. Pack Up - Go through the rooms which will be part of the renovation, any items which you will not need pack them up in boxes and put them in storage during the renovation. Items which you use on a daily basis put them to the side where it is accessible, there is no need to spend your morning ruffling through your home looking for the right items.2. Add Home Security - Having lots of people coming through your home leaves it more vulnerable for theft to opportunists who notice work is being done at your home. For safety and to prevent theft add a programming system to your front door. You can give your reno team access while they are working ,and change it once the work is completed.3. Keep Kids Away - If you will be staying in your home during the renovation consider extra safety. Construction zones in your home can be very dangerous for children. A lot of times heavy duty machinery, screws, knifes and nails can be lying around. Make sure the kids are kept away from these areas by placing safety gates. Ensure the full renovation team keeps the gates closed at all times.4. Budget for a Get Away - Renovations can be very stressful especially if it is a big renovation. Consider a getaway, this will force you to relax and help you get your mind off the renovation. Due to our incredible technology inventions, these days contractors have the resources to allow their clients to view the project while out of town, you can ensure you receive daily updates on the progress of your project. Plan this with your contractor.5. Designate Specific Areas for Contractors - Before the renovation starts make sure you designate a specific area for contractors who are smokers. This is important so you do not have cigarette butts all over your property. Also designate bathrooms for crew use only and stock it appropriately with extra toilet paper and hand towels.