Holiday Home Secrets

Holiday Home Secrets - Read this home renovation insight now.

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Kitchen and Living Area Renovation

Add drape soft throws or thick sheepskins over chairs and sofas, and roll out plush rugs on your floors for a warm holiday feeling.[/caption]With all the chatter around the blog Is Your Vancouver Home Ready for Winter and with holiday festivities just around the corner, we thought to put together this Holiday Home Secrets post. Laura Gaskill, Houzz contributor provides us with 5 tasks to add to your December checklist.1. Plan for holiday home safety. With night falling earlier this month, and many people headed out of town, it pays to be extra safety-conscious — whether or not you are going anywhere. Always lock doors and windows, set your alarm system if you use one and keep the area around your house well-lit and your bushes trimmed back.2. Add layers of warmth. Drape soft throws or thick sheepskins over chairs and sofas, and roll out plush rugs on your floors. Aside from being decorative, extra layers of textiles provide a wonderful boost of warmth in winter.3. Add weather stripping and door sweeps as needed. Feel a draft? Apply weatherstripping to the drafty area of your home and and your house will feel warmer right away.4. Check your roof for ice dams. Ice dams are areas of built-up ice that can accumulate on your roof, potentially causing leaks when they melt. If you can safely reach them, break them up to prevent future damage.5. reTHINKING your space? Use the downtime you have this month to begin creating design plans and researching professional Vancouver contractors. December is the perfect time to set up consultations and inquire about any home renovation plans you have for the upcoming year.December is a great time to get everything checked off your to do list. Take advantage of the holiday's this year and enjoy the last days of 2013.Related Blogs:Is Your Vancouver Home Ready for WinterGet the Best Bang For Your Home Renovation Buck