Fresh Eyes - Home Renovation Ideas For Tired Rooms

Fresh Eyes - Home Renovation Ideas For Tired Rooms - Read this home renovation insight now.

As soon as spring hits and the sunshine starts to peek through I get this sudden urge to redecorate my home and challenge my self not to spend a dime. You may ask, how is this possible? Here are 6 home renovation ideas to help freshen up and take charge of your space.1. Swap photos in frames. An easy way to give your room a fresh look is simply by trading out the photos or artwork in the frames on the wall. Laura Gaskill suggests to use old black and white family photos, pics from a recent trip or something completely different, like art postcards.[caption id="attachment_3154" align="alignright" width="270"]

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Create Contrast - Stimulate the eye a by contrasting texture, and colour.[/caption]2. Give something away. Making space is the best way to de-clutter and appreciate your home. Take a walk around your place, choose 5 items that you can give away and feel great about.3. Play with Scale - Decorators use this trick to fool the eye. Altering the proportions of something away from what were used to seeing makes us look twice and creates interest.4. Create Contrast - The key to great design is contrast. Stimulate the eye and make your space memorable by contrasting texture, colour, or light versus dark.5. Move your furniture around. Change the vibe of your place and move around furniture. Switch around your couch to the opposite side, add a blanket on the side, change the angle of your dinning table.6. Change the look of a chair or sofa with blankets. For a quick change, Laura Gaskill says "try tucking a pretty blanket or another textile tightly around a sofa cushion, or neatly fold a blanket and drape it across the seat and back of anarmchair" for a fresh new look.