Design Tricks to Freshen up your Home - Wallpaper Edition

Design Tricks to Freshen up your Home - Wallpaper Edition - Read this home renovation insight now.


Spring is a transformational period for home owners. We want our homes to look as fresh inside as the weather outside. Often we begin our home renovations with our walls. Before picking up a paint brush, consider modern wallpaper. Wallpaper creates texture, introduces print and adds shimmer to your home. Or it can provide a subtle but no less inviting wash of colour. Wallpaper can completely transform your home.Take inspiration from Phillip Jefferies, an awarding winning, environmentally friendly company. Phillip Jefferies believes wallpaper is art but don't let that be intimidating. In this case, art can be easily installed. How is this achieved? Select wallpapers are laminated with vinyl and secured with a paper backing. This eliminates curling issues and allows the wallpaper to be flexible. Vancouver Contractors can help you find a paper to suit your style and budget. Need help selecting your wallpaper? Speak to a general Vancouver contractor for advise, they will work with you to ensure you buy the best quality wallpaper while staying within your budget.There are numerous concerns when wallpapering; reVISION recommends you consider your location and how durable a finish is required. For instance, a bathroom should have a water repellent finish. This is even more important in a kitchen. In a guest bedroom, less durability is required but a child's bedroom benefits from an extra strong surface.Humidity and fading is a factor to consider when wallpapering. reVISION recommends installing wallpaper in rooms with good ventilation and higher ceilings. Remember that wallpapers made of natural properties will fade overtime. Try to keep these out of direct sunlight. Opt for paper treated wallpaper for rooms that receive more sunlight.Lastly, don't be afraid of bold prints, metallic shine or detailed textures. These wallpapers invoke atmosphere and become the canvas for intriguing accessories. Paper your ceilings or partially paper walls for an architectural accent. Two popular trends for spring summer 2013 are cultural influences and 1920s glamour. These trends offer both classic and contemporary designs. Vancouver Contractors can guide you on how to incorporate wallpaper into your home.Wallpaper is a textural art that has come a long way. With advances in technology, it is easy to install and offers many creative ways to transform your home. For wallpaper ideas visit Phillip Jefferies showcase gallery.


Kirsten Sutton is the head designer for reVISION Custom Home Renovations. She creates designs that are both functional and meaningful for each of the clients she works with. Kirsten received formal training in Architecture and Structural Drafting from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Her combined education, background and passion allow her to transform her clients’ dreams into a reality.Have design questions? Reach Kirsten Sutton at