Design Ideas - Copper, The Hottest Material This Season

Design Ideas - Copper, The Hottest Material This Season - Read this home renovation insight now.

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The Elegant hint of copper complements the entire space[/caption]

This week we approached our head designer, Kirsten Sutton for some new design ideas, and we were excited to hear copper was becoming a hot popular material to add as an accent around the home.

One of our hottest materials this season to work with is of copper metal. And why not?? This colour is sexy, bold and depending on where it’s designed, can read either feminine or masculine. With furniture, accessories, wall tiles, lighting fixtures, tubs, ceilings and kitchen countertops, copper is making itself known into the interior design world.

The history of copper in design can be linked to its durability, prestigious appearance, and ability to form complex shapes. Copper’s most famous trait is it’s display from a bright metallic colour to iridescent brown to near black and finally to a greenish verdigris patina.It’s warm hue colour can do wonders in small or large spaces. Or can be an amazing accent piece for a room. Some helpful tips and ideas for uses with copper metal. Ever consider installing a copper bath tub? It’s sure to create discussion amongst guests. And create a stunning, warm centre piece in the bathroom. Or why not install untreated copper kitchen cabinets for those looking to create a commercial-industrial design to their home? And ever consider exposed bathroom piping on walls to create some interest and artistic design?

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Design Ideas - Copper wall

Living room with copper back wall[/caption]

And for those home owners on a budget, or that feel less is definitely more but don’t know where to start. Consider adding a small copper accent piece to a room such as a desk task lamp or a DIY copper clothing rack. A modern copper chair in a bedroom or hallway entrance is a guaranteed artistic piece. And a copper bed frame will definitely add some glam to his or hers master space.

Copper can bring the modern minimalism of these metals into living rooms, kitchens and entire indoor spaces. And definitely do wonders for a modern west coast living space that our team strives to achieve.

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Kirsten Sutton is the head designer for reVISION Custom Home Renovations. She creates designs that are both functional and meaningful for each of the clients she works with. Kirsten received formal training in Architecture and Structural Drafting from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Her combined education, background and passion allow her to transform her clients’ dreams into a reality.Have design questions? Reach Kirsten Sutton at