Capitalize On Your Rental Property With Home Renovations

Capitalize On Your Rental Property With Home Renovations - Read this home renovation insight now.

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As a bookkeeper and tax consultant I am often asked the question “Is there a way that I can save money on, or claim a tax deduction for, my home renovations?”

In relation to claiming a tax deduction on the house in which you live, in most cases my answer is “no” unless you are a sole proprietor and you work from home. In this case you are able to claim the cost of renovating your home office (and only this portion of your home) as a tax deduction.

However, there are many deductions that you can claim if you own a rental property. Some which subsequently allow you to receive a write off for any home renovations you complete.

The following is a list of write-off’s you can claim against your rental property income:

  • Advertising expense - You can write-off any costs associated with advertising that your property is for rent.
  • Interest expense - Any interest accrued on the mortgage for your rental property is tax deductible.
  • Office expense - You can claim any administration costs associated with renting out your property.
  • Legal/accounting - You can claim any legal or accounting fees that are associated with the property.
  • Management fees/Strata - Fee’s that are associated with owning a condo.
  • Repairs and Maintenance - Any costs associated with fixing issues with, and maintaining your property.
  • Capital Improvements - This is the category that any renovations would fall under. If you renovate your rental property you can claim the expense over a number of years.
  • Salaries - for a property manager
  • Property Tax
  • Travel - if your property is out of town you can claim the cost of travelling from your place of residence to the rental.
  • Utilities
  • Insurance

Please be aware that rental properties are considered a business, and will therefore be charged at the Business Tax Return rate.

If you budget correctly renovating your rental property can be a wise decision, it can increase the value of the property and the value of your rent as well as provide you with some great tax deductions.


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