Bathroom Renovations - Design Your Perfect Oasis

Bathroom Renovations - Design Your Perfect Oasis - Read this home renovation insight now.

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We transformed an ordinary ensuite shower into a stimulating wellness spa.[/caption]Bathroom renovations are a HOT HOT trend. An effective bathroom design should address all your needs, physical and spiritual. Here a are 4 design ideas to help create your perfect oasis.

Functional Planning

Like kitchens, bathrooms must be functional. Bathrooms are a workstation that prepare for the day or an escape from a stressful day. Be clever and consider what functions a bathroom could need. There are many ideas to incorporate besides a basic toilet, tub and sink.

  • Bending and reaching for items can be bothersome so plan around convenience. For example, daily used items should be easiest to find and reach. Incorporate this idea within your bathroom renovation.
  • Have additional storage for linens and other items
  • A shared bathroom should have two sinks, evenly spaced
  • Incorporate a hand bar beside the toilet and bathtub
  • Consider having a seat in the shower
  • Hang a magazine or book rack
  • Install a steam room

Design Impact and Inspiration

Make a design impact that evokes a feeling. There are two directions a bathroom can take: formal and casual. After deciding which one works best for the bathroom, here are some design tips:

  • Use similar motifs through-out the bathroom. Water and ocean motifs are too common placed; think outside the box!
  • Get inspired by cultural influences, art periods or colour
  • Incorporate pillows, towels, curtains, baskets or wooden chairs, it softens the look of metals and porcelain
  • Add plants to visualize the senses
  • Incorporate scented candles

Plumbing and Surface Research

Plumbing impacts the positioning of sinks, showers and tubs. It is important to seek a contractor to gain knowledge about how this will affect design plans. It is important to install high quality plumbing fixtures. They offer lifelong performance and a dramatic design effect.

  • Choose lifelong warranty brands
  • Research the various fixture finishes and styles
  • Get interested in flow rates, outlets, temperature controls and CSA Standards
  • Research how to clean brass, stainless steel and other metals
  • Learn about the best surfaces for the floor, counters and bath
  • Know the drawbacks of assorted materials. For example: Veins in marble indicate weak points and shiny floors are not always slip-resistant

Caution with Lighting

Lighting is a powerful function that can either make or break a bathroom.

  • Bathrooms are prone to mirrors; don’t forget this when choosing lighting
  • Consider appropriate lighting for the sink and shower
  • Fluorescent lighting casts a bluish light while incandescent bulbs cast a yellowish light, do not pair these two together!
  • Pay attention to wall décor; make sure it works with the desired lighting

Bathrooms are wonderful places to get creative when it comes to renovating. Do the research and have a strong design plan to make the most out of your renovation.

Bathroom Renovations - Design Ideas

Kirsten Sutton is the head designer for reVISION Custom Home Renovations. She creates designs that are both functional and meaningful for each of the clients she works with. Kirsten received formal training in Architecture and Structural Drafting from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Her combined education, background and passion allow her to transform her clients’ dreams into a reality.Have design questions? Reach Kirsten Sutton at