Bathroom Renovation Tips - 6 Ways To Create Your Very Own Oasis

Bathroom Renovation Tips - 6 Ways To Create Your Very Own Oasis - Read this home renovation insight now.

Are you tired of your outdated bathroom? Need more storage space, a bigger tub? Well a bathroom renovation may be a good option for you. There are many benefits to remodelling your bathroom, some benefits include: The value of your home increases, you create a place to feel comfortable and relaxed, and lastly you can improve the efficiency, appearance and storage of your space. reVISION shares 6 ways to remodel your bathroom into your very


own private oasis.1. Add a customized Rain Shower - Nothing takes you away to the tropics quite like a rain shower.2. Keep it Natura -Bring those outdoors in with pebble mats and natural looking tile. There is something so tranquil about being with nature without having to brave Vancouver winters.3. Hire a Tub Caddy - Yes. That is a real thing. Because nothing says relaxed like a soak in the tub. Enlist a plank of wood that fits around your tub and holds the book or wine. The perfect splurge during your bathroom renovation for any relaxing bath.4. Integrate music into your bathroom. Nothing adds to the ambiance of your spa time like a custom made relaxation playlist.5. Enjoy a few moments of serenity. The addition of a soaker tub is a perfect tranquil escape.6. When planning your bathroom renovation add candles. The right lighting in any room is essential and no where more so than your little slice of heaven. Candles add just enough light to read by but little enough that your eyes can rest and help your whole body to relax.Bathroom renovations are a great way to create a place to get away. Everyday.