Bathroom Lighting Done Right

Bathroom Lighting Done Right - Read this home renovation insight now.

Lighting sets the mood of the room, and in your bathroom you definitely want it done right.

  • His and Her Vanities - Bathrooms which include his-and-her vanities, each must be lit adequately and independently. Cylindrical, white pendent lights will ensure there is enough brightness for shaving or applying makeup.
  • Layering – The trick to making elegant pendant lighting work in a bathroom is layering. Put Pendants on a dimmer to control the level of light they emit so the mood can be set for every occasion.
  • Fluorescent tube lighting - Building a mirror out with plywood framing and tucking a fluorescent tube light behind is a great easy and economical way to give a modern effect.

Modern, relaxing, or functional. The lighting just has to be right for you.