August 2011 Renovation Newsletter

August 2011 Renovation Newsletter - Read this home renovation insight now.

In this issue of reVISION's Renovation Newsletter:


reVISION'S Projects in Progress

Lucky 13th Part two

reVISION is back to work at the Lucky 13th building! Due to our grand "VISION", reVISION is hard at work on another unit in the same building. Referrals are our best Complement! We are taking Lucky 13th Part Two and working our magic once again! Join us on Facebook to see how we maximize the space of this west-side condo and bring it into the modern day world!

project photo

Before: Outdated 90's Kitchen with limited countertop and cooking space.

project photo

Before: This olden day design is screaming for an update to the 21st century!

Visit us on Facebook to see progress pictures of this project and many others![divider_top]

New Residential Water Metering Policy

Effective January 2012 all new one-and two-family dwellings and homes undergoing major renovations will require water meters. Supply and installation of the meter is to be funded by a $450.00 fee increase to the permit issued for a new water service. More details regarding this new policy will be available by end of summer.[divider_top]

Greenest City 2020 Action Plan

The GVHBA council has adopted the greenest city 2020 action plan and directed staff to implement the highest actions over the next three years. A number of these actions will involve the residential construction industry. Some of the actions include:

  • Work with developers and energy utilities to establish four new renewable energy systems for new, large site, high density developments
  • Develop an HVAC bylaw to regulate the commissioning, maintenance, fuel choice and efficiency of heating, cooling and ventilation equipment in buildings by 2012
  • Develop and promote financing tools for building retrofits for single- and multi-family buildings
  • Use price signals in permit fees to reward energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reductions in new and existing buildings
  • Develop zero waste enforcement strategies for all sectors
  • Require water metering on all new home services (including major renovations) effective 2012

Follow up details regarding the Greenest City 2020 Action Plan will be included in our future newsletters.[divider_top]

Market Insights

Market Insights will be hosting an event "The Money: Financing Green Building and Retrofits"on Wednesday September 14 th at the UBC Robson Square theatre (800 Robson Street, Vancouver BC) from 8:00-10:00 am. Participants will be face-to-face with a panel of leading financiers to discuss the opportunities and challenges around green financing.Registration and Continental Breakfast begins at 7:30am, for more information log on to[divider_top]

Tips to Secure Your Home during the Holidays and Vacations

  • Security System - Install a monitored security system.
  • Doors and Windows - Lock and bolt all doors and windows while you are away. Sliding doors require special devices such as a rod or dowel to make them secure.
  • Avoid being a Victim - Leave something in plain view outside to give the appearance of family activity -- gardening tools, toys, or water hose can all send a message someone is home.
  • Set Timers - Put devices such as a radio, interior and exterior lights on timers set to your normal schedule so intruders think someone is home.
  • Mail - Stop your mail and newspaper deliveries. Ask a neighbor to remove the free regional newspapers and flyers from the front of your house. They don't take long to accumulate.
  • Ask a Neighbor... - Get a family member or trusted neighbor to mow your lawn, move your vehicle occasionally and place a bag of their household trash in front of your home on collection day.