April 2011 Renovation Newsletter

April 2011 Renovation Newsletter - Read this home renovation insight now.

In this issue of reVISION's Renovation Newsletter:


BC Lifestyle

Todd Senft, President of reVISION will now be writing for the BC Lifestyle under the real-estate/finance section. In future issues he will present information about the real estate market with regards to mortgage rates, housing costs and tax implications. He will also incorporate tips on renovating, so make sure you start to check out the BC Lifestyle magazine on-line at[divider_top]

reVISION'S Projects in Progress

Create No Waste

With reVISION still obtaining a 90% recycle/reuse rate, this full on recycling pilot project is finishing up fast. With the framing coming to an end, this home is ready to be insulated. Here's a slight taste of the project. Make sure you keep up with us on Facebook to see the growth of this environmentally friendly project.

Project photo

Before: Back Wall creating a smaller room for both the kitchen and living area.

Project photo

During: A wider and longer room created by tearing the wall down.

Project photo

During: Framing all completed for the newly built top floor.Visit our Facebook page to view the entire project from start to finish![divider_top]

Environmentally Friendly Renovation Tips

Choose More Sustainable Products:

  • Ceramic and stone flooring is a healthy choice.
  • Bamboo and cork flooring is a nice replacement to traditional hardwood flooring. Bamboo is a rapidly growing resource and can be harvested very easily. Cork, which is made from the bark of an oak tree, can be treated to make it waterproof. It looks great but it's also durable and comfortable to walk on.
  • Make sure the adhesive used for your flooring isn't made with urea-formaldehyde or any other toxic solvents.
  • Marmoleum, is a new brand of linoleum made from eco-friendly materials such as linseed oil and natural pigment.
  • Consider refurbishing items you already have so as to reduce your carbon footprint. Creativity can blossom great ideas to reuse old items such as tables, chairs, cabinets and appliances. If not, donate them to charitable organizations or have a garage sale.
  • When choosing your cabinetry, you can seek out cabinets made from wheat board or wood that has been harvested sustainably. Toxic chemicals can be released into the air from wood composite or particle board.
  • There are water resistant and naturally durable options for counter tops such as stained concrete, porcelain tile and indigenous stone.
  • Water savings from around 20% can be found by purchasing low flush toilets and showerheads.

Avoid Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's):

  • Consider using low or no VOC paints and other building products. VOC's produces gases at room temperature from products like paint, paint strippers, lacquers, building materials and carpet. These gases are damaging to the environment as well as your health.