Add a Little Spook to Your Vancouver Home

Add a Little Spook to Your Vancouver Home - Read this home renovation insight now.


Were 2 days away from Halloween, is your Vancouver home spooky ready?Whether spiders, skulls or slimy eyeballs are your items of choice, take your favorite props and transform them into creepy Halloween decorations states Shawn Gauthier. Mr. Gauthier lets us in on 5 different ideas to take your home to the next spooky level.1. Frame an assortment of creepy items and images in a gallery wall. Showcase the wall via candlelight: Everything appears scarier under a candle’s glow.2. Frame old black and white photos from scary movies. Place them across your fireplace mantle for your guests to see. Just the memory of these frightening films will cause a chill.3. Filled with cider, a hollowed-out peach pumpkin becomes an organic punch bowl. Add Four water-jug gourds to act as feet.4. Add a scare with unexpected hidden skulls within your front entry bushes.5. Shawn Gauthier mentioned, A very simple way to set a spooky scene is placing lit candles in front of a mirror. The reflections alone will send you running for the covers. We love this idea. Don't forget to dim the lights to add a little more spookiness.Last but not least, make sure you sit back and enjoy your halloween with a a glass of Mr. Hyde's Potion - Made with vodka, aromatic herbs and blackberry liqueur, it's frightfully refreshing.Happy Halloween.