Add a Glimmer of Gold - Design Ideas

Add a Glimmer of Gold - Design Ideas - Read this home renovation insight now.

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Downtown Flow - Full Condo Renovation[/caption]Revamping your decor each season can be a great way to keep your home feeling fresh, updated and satisfy your urge to nest without blowing the bank. Each year retailers showcase a ton of new seasonal inspired decor which calls your name and begs you to bring them home. This often can create clutter, extra storage and break the wallet. Our advise to strike a balance is to aim for statement pieces that are special but also work out for the different seasons during the year. Here are 3 versatile design ideas to create a cozy, festive seasonal look for your home.1. A faux-fur throw - Throws are warm, cozy and display a luxurious feel, it makes as a great decor piece if you throw it on a seat, couch or the edge of a bed. Go for a natural looking colour that will tie into any of your decor pieces.2. reVAMP Your Artwork - Switch up your artwork on your walls every season. As you find great art pieces pick them up. Every season you can display a new art piece giving your home a fresh new look.3. Glimmer of Gold - A glimmer of gold will make your room shine. Make a unique, unexpected statement in any space with a glimmer of gold. This will bring old-luxuary as well as modern day art into your space. Rotate your pieces around the home. This will allow you to re-use your pieces and appreciate them in different locations.Hope you find these tips helpful. E-mal me at with any additional ideas you may have. I would love to hear from you and feature you on our next blog.