8 Successful Home Renovation Steps - Hiring Professional Vancouver Contractors

8 Successful Home Renovation Steps - Hiring Professional Vancouver Contractors - Read this home renovation insight now.


A smooth and pleasant road through the transformation is possible and can be extremely exciting and rewarding....if you plan right with your Vancouver Contractors. Consider these 8 steps for a successful home renovation.

1. Do your homework- Have a clear vision that will consider your lifestyle needs is imperative to your renovation.

2. Know how much you can afford – There are many financing possibilities through personal loans, lines of credit, home equity loans and even grants. Visit BC Hydro for current rebates and savings.

3. Look for professional Vancouver contractors – For high quality results and services that will ease the process, you need to go with a professional. There are many resources, including, the GVHBA website that will give you recommendations.

4. Choose your Vancouver contractor and check references – Narrow down the renovators you feel most comfortable with and interview them. Check in with GVHBA and previous clients.

5. Work out a contract – Don’t just go with the lowest bid. Make sure everything is in writing, from work to be done to the payment schedule.

6. Plan how you will live during the renovation – This can be the most stressful part so take everything into consideration.

7. Establish a good working relationship with your Vancouver contractors – Trust is essential. Communication lines should be open at all times for progress reports and decisions you may have to make on short notice.

8. Stick to the original plans – In order to stay close to the original price and schedule, changes should be kept to a minimum.

Take your time and plan your renovation carefully. It is important to do your research and find the right Vancouver contractor to build your vision.