5 Tips to Hiring A Professional Cleaner

5 Tips to Hiring A Professional Cleaner - Read this home renovation insight now.


There is a reason why some people are professionals in a field and others are simply enthusiasts. Professionals obtain training, tricks and industry insights and surround themselves with it every day.Enthusiasts are self-taught and may not have to right information to handle certain issues when and if they arrive. When it comes to tackling the project, the individual who wished to save money now understands without a professional trouble may arise and cost more in the long run.Things you should look for when hiring a professional cleaning company are:

  1. Do they have adequate insurance? If somewhere were to happen while the cleaners are on duty, you want to be protected. Insurance and WCB coverage are essential.
  2. What supplies are they using? Professionals use professional grade chemicals and equipment and know what products can be mixed and what should be used on each surface to avoid permanent damage.
  3. Professionals Cleaners will give you a quote for your area that needs to be cleaned. They use their time effectively and do not charge an hourly rate.
  4. Professional Cleaners are reasonably priced. If you receive a quote that seems too good to be true, it is! You will notice the cheaper priced companies will not complete the job to standard.
  5. Last but not least, make sure you provide a scope of work. Everyone requires different services be provided. It's important that the company requests what services you require and what frequency. That way you won't be upset when a company tells you "window cleaning" Isn't included in the price and it is an extra cost.

To get a quote, first prepare a list of duties you want done and contact a Professional Cleaning Company. Keep in mind if you find a company that can provides multiple services is will cut down on your time and save you money in the long run.


Kasie Dobbs Ancona is the President and Owner of Excelsior Building Maintenance Ltd. Excelsior Building Maintenance has been providing the Vancouver, lower mainland with affordable building maintenance solutions for over 100 years. EBM provides a wide range services including, window cleaning, pressure washing, construction cleaning, janitorial services, lot maintenance and concrete sealing.Need some building maintenance help? Contact Kasie or 604-254-4288