3 Ways To Keep Your Renovation Out Of The Courthouse

3 Ways To Keep Your Renovation Out Of The Courthouse - Read this home renovation insight now.


A recent research from TD insurance showcased that majority of homeowners are not considering the insurance implications of their renovation. Renovators share 3 common homeowner myths and offer advice for homeowners to consider before doing a DIY renovation or hiring a Vancouver contractor.

1. Renovation coverage under original insurance policy - 56 percent of homeowners believe they will be covered by their original insurance policy during their renovation. This is incorrect, depending on the type of renovation you may be required to change your policy to "building under construction". Keep in mind if you are moving out during the renovation for more than 30 days you may require a vacancy permit during this time.2. Homeowner's are not responsible for any contractor injuries. Vancouver contractors are trained professionals but accidents do happen. Some homeowners incorrectly believe that they are not responsible for any injuries which take place on site. If a contractor or their employees are injured on site the homeowner can be responsible for their medical issues and bills. Ensure your professional vancouver contractor shows you their liability insurance certificate to prove that they are covered incase of any injuries on your property.


3. Insurance coverage does not change due to renovations - Majority of homeowners do not know which simple renovations can increase or decrease their premiums. Installing granite countertops or fixing your electrical work may increase your premium. On the other hand, renovations such as installing security devices or fixing your weathered roof may decrease your premium and save you money in the long term.Insurance coverage is tricky, always ask your Vancouver contractor or insurance coordinator questions before starting your renovation. Protect yourself and get the best bang for your buck.