Heritage Home Renovations

Heritage Home Renovations

If you own a Heritage Home in Vancouver, you don’t need us to tell you how lucky you are. Heritage home renovations create stunning and functional spaces for our clients to enjoy. Heritage Homes carry unforgettable memories which are irreplaceable. We love seeing heritage homes restored and renovated. We think it’s important to keep the charm and character while accommodating your modern family’s needs.

Heritage is not just about age, it’s about authenticity. Your home is an important part of history and therefore it’s important that it’s retained. Vancouver is now providing the means to help those with heritage homes with some funds to maintain their properties. You can find out more here. 

Do you want to renovate your kitchen, your main floor, your exterior or your perhaps your whole home? We have experience renovating heritage homes and take pride in our work. You will work with an Interior Designer to determine the floor plans and finishes and have a project manager oversee the whole project, including the construction work.

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