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  1. Where Our Designers Like To Shop For Homeware

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    The finishing touches can make or break your renovation. When it comes to furnishing your renovation it’s important that items complement the changes you have made. Navigating your way through homeware stores can be challenging. We asked our designers where they like to shop and where they recommend our clients look for home decor items.  

    In no particular order here are some of our favourite places to shop for homeware.


    Budget: $$

    What they do well: Structube has fantastic furniture for very reasonable prices. Raw and natural style pieces, this store provides furniture that will fit into many styles of renovation and will stand the test of time.


    Budget: $

    What they do well: We couldn’t make a list and not include IKEA. Yes, it’s budget, however, there are just some items that you don’t need to spend $$$$ on. For example, clever storage solutions, hooks, perhaps basement suite or rental furniture. We rely on them for items such as basic frames and mirrors.


    Budget: $-$$$$

    What they do well: A bit of everything! Textures such as towels, bedding are a fave of ours from Wayfair. It’s also a great website to check out if you need furniture or lighting. It doesn’t pigeonhole itself into a certain trend, Wayfair provides furniture to please all tastes.


    Budget: $$$

    What they do well: Very modern and sleek, it’s the perfect store to get everything from furniture to decor items. Luxe style items for the modern condo or home.

    Union Wood Co.

    Budget: $$$-$$$$

    What they do well: Custom Wood furniture that is really stunning. Union Wood can build items that fit perfectly into your home and style. They recently build custom items for our latest loft renovation – Sugar Coated

    Budget $-$$

    What they do well: Bedding and decor items! Homesense is our guilty pleasure. It’s the perfect place if you want to add some decor to your home but hasn’t got a huge budget. Now and again they also have great furniture on sale. Since all the stores are different, it can be total potluck.


    Budget: $$$

    What they do well: Simple, no fuss, impactful furniture. As it’s online you can make some great savings on items that would normally cost you significantly more. We are in love with their sofas.

    Van special

    Budget: $$$$

    What they do well: This high-end store embodies Scandinavian design and Japanese minimalism. We wouldn’t recommend buying all your homeware from this store unless you’re made of money. However, it’s a great option if you’re looking for a big ticket item that you love.

    The Cross

    Budget: $$-$$$

    What they do well: Romantic decor. This store is like a fairytale dream. Soft colours and textures, this store is perfect for a more feminine lighter decor. Our Designers love the candles and throws. Think shabby chic interiors.

    Urban Outfitters

    Budget: $

    What they do well: Young, fun and playful decor items. Boho style decor which can brighten up for your apartment. A hipster’s dream.

    Restoration Hardware

    Budget: $$$-$$$$

    What they do well: Industrial, rustic style items. Industrial furniture pieces are at the heart of this store. Our Designers also really like the lighting here.


  2. Winter Design Trends 2017/18

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    What Will You Be Seeing In Our Homes This Winter?

    The smell of mulled wine has filled the air and twinkly lights shine bright…Christmas is on it’s way. With it brings new home design trends and festive decor. We asked our designers about Winter design trends 2017/18.

    This season is all about chunky knits, block colours and vintage explorer items. Our designers understand that while it’s important to not totally fill your homes with the latest trends (after all you have to live with it for a while). They know that a sprinkle of the latest trends can spruce up your home and keep it looking trendy and stylish as the seasons change.

    Take a look at the Winter design trends of 2017/18.

    Winter design trends









    Find out more about our designers


  3. Fall 2017 Design Trends

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    Fall 2017 Design Trends

    With the season changing so do the interior design trends. Fall brings with it warm tones, cozy fabrics and festive decor.

    It may rain a lot in fall in Vancouver, but that’s the perfect excuse to snuggle up by the fire and tweak your decor to match the new season. We talked to our designers about the trends they feel will be popular this Fall and have put together a useful infographic of Fall 2017 Design Trends.

    Download Infographic

    Fall 2017 Design Trends


     See Summer 2017 Design Trends


  4. Organization By Design

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    VANCOUVER is a real estate hot spot! The mild West coast weather is a huge draw coupled with the mix of mountains and seaside beauty. You can go to the beach and snow ski all in the same day! It’s a gem that is well-known around the world.  While this is amazing and why we live here, it’s making it more and more difficult for young people to live and families to grow here. Space is constantly shrinking while prices are going up due to high demand.

    So what can you do if you don’t want to leave yet still want to live here comfortably in a small space? Organize!

    The best thing I do for myself (and my sanity) every 3-6 months is purge. I usually do it at season switchovers and get rid of anything I did not wear/use unless I can seriously justify keeping it. This is so important when you live in a small space as clutter has not only physical effects (read: no room to walk or sit) but psychological as well! It takes up not only your physical space but your mental too. Once I have done a good purge on my apartment, i feel refreshed and ready to organize everything that’s left!

    quote-1-William-MorrisA lot of times, we work in kitchens or live in bedrooms that don’t have the right flow. We can’t seem to pinpoint the reason why we don’t feel like our home is a calming space. Whether you’re renovating your own home or trying to make do in a rental space, there are plenty of ideas out there. If you’re renting, the biggest thing to keep in mind is flexibility. If you have to move, you will want whatever you acquire to (hopefully) work in the next place you live. It’s important to think about whether or not you will be able to take it with you. If not, really consider if it’s worth investing in.

    Ikea – Yes, really

    One of my favourite and inexpensive ways to incorporate more storage is with IKEA. If you’re thinking, Ugh everyone has IKEA! You’re not alone but there are many ways to give products a more personal touch and luckily there are lots of hacks/ideas out there. Some are as simple as a quick coat of paint or new knobs while other require a little more energy and tools. However, they are all doable and take a simple product to another level. The best part? If you mess up it’s typically not a hugely expensive flop!


    If you’re renovating, there are a multitude of ways to incorporate more storage and make your home flow better. When renovating, it’s important to have a reason why. Plan the space for right now but future growth as well. Whether that means just updating to sell in a few years or adding more people or pets to your family or wanting to work from home. The best way to narrow this all down and create the best space is to hire a professional to plan your home. Whether you decide to hire someone or not, prepare to get comfortable with sites like Houzz and Pinterest for ideas to get a feel for the style you want. Even if you hire a professional, having a good sense of direction (and pictures) will save you time and money in the long run.

    Start with the rooms you use daily. Are they organized and easy to use or are you constantly going in the wrong drawer or digging through trying to find things? You may not realize how much little frustrations affect you throughout the day. Ridding those frustrations helps clear your mind. When your space is organized, it’s much easier for you to be. Working with a professional can make a huge difference, especially in a larger ticket room like a kitchen or bathroom. Would you trust yourself to privately sell your home or hire a realtor?

    Ask yourself

    Is your bathroom functional? Is your morning shower relaxing and invigorating to get you ready to seize the day? Maybe you need more space in your vanity to store the essentials so everything is within arm’s reach? Maybe you need a new handheld shower head so you have more flexibility and or better pressure? Not enough storage? Create better ways to organize the storage you do have or add shelving somewhere. My favourite way to keep a shower organized is to add niches! They look sleek and offer just the right depth for bottles so they aren’t littered around your shower.


    Is your kitchen a great place to cook where everything flows or are you constantly running around trying to find everything? Do you have a functional work triangle? Does your kitchen need to accommodate one or multiple cooks? Working with a professional designer is key to make sure you explore the possibilities. They can answer the pertinent questions to design to your needs. The right accessories, such as a recycle unit, can make recycle day a breeze because the hard work is already done. Having a utensil sorter so your whisk is easily accessible and you’re not removing all the other utensils stuck in it as your sauce burns. A spice organizer so you’re not digging through a drawer trying to find that one spice you haven’t used in a year. You get the idea!

    Another area that we use every single day is our closet. How many times have you torn apart yours trying to find an outfit for the day? If everything was organized into sections and laid out properly so you can see each piece it would make putting outfits together a breeze. Built-ins are the best way to achieve the closet of your dreams and end the couple battle over space. If you’re renting, you can still get removable pieces that will keep your closet manageable. From jewelry dividers in drawers to laundry hampers. There are lots of great ideas for efficiently organizing. This Buzzfeed article has a step by step on purging and organizing your closet:

    17 Invaluable Tips For Anybody With Too Many Clothes



    This all may sound daunting and exhausting however, once it’s done, it’s done. It then means it’s easy to maintain moving forward. In the long run, the time you put in at the start will pay off and then some. The age old saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” is beyond true when organizing. What most people forget to do is plan to plan. You have to set aside the time and make it a priority.

    What happens to a lot of people is they finish their renovation and don’t take the time to put everything in the proper place and organize it. This is a huge mistake! If this has baffled you and you don’t know where to start, call us and speak to a professional to help you get started!

  5. 5 ways to update and brighten your space on a budget

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    Feature blog by Nicole Poelzer, Interior Designer at Revision Renovations

    One of the most common questions I get as a designer is how can you brighten and update your home without breaking the bank. Whether you are renting and don’t want to invest in a home you don’t own or you recently bought your place and don’t have the extra cash to renovate yet, this tips will help you out!

    1) Roll on some new paint

    It is amazing what a new paint job can do for your space. I recommended using a neutral paint colour so your home is bright and won’t date. If your home isn’t getting much natural light then a white or off white will make it feel bright and less gloomy. A neutral colour will also let you bring in colour with less permanent things like your accessories or a statement piece of furniture. If you need a splash on the wall than I suggest picking a wall and doing a feature wall colour. Below are my favourite neutral paint colours from Benjamin Moore:


    Paint-colour-Balboa-Mist-on-a-budget    Paint-colour-Stonington-Grey-on-a-budget    paint-colour-Silver-Satin-on-a-budget    Paint-colour-Chantilly-Lace-on-a-budget

     2) Add life in your space with some plants and fresh cut flowers

    During the spring and summer months I love to grab some flowers from a local florist and put them in a vase for my dining room table or kitchen island. It adds colour and brings life into the space, and they smell good too! Flowers in season are generally cheap to pick up.
    If you want something a little more permanent you can get some cheap pots (IKEA has some great options!) and some plants to pot. Spider plants are great, they are easy to keep up and are hard to kill for all those brown-thumbs out there. I have some at home and we have some in our office.




    3) Have less clutter

    Clutter in your space will make it feel small and busy. Throw out, donate or sell anything you haven’t used in the past year. If you haven’t used it in a year then you are probably not going to use it again. Once you’ve done that you can organize your things (You’ll probably have a lot of “stuff” after you’ve purged through your things) into bins and baskets. Bins and baskets will make you things neat and tidy in a decorative way with different colour or patterns.





    4) Update and add more lighting fixtures

    Lighting is an important part of your home, you can find a really unique fixture that can also be an art piece and give you more light!. Fixtures can range from cheap to expensive. It also can help update your home if you have older out of style fixtures.
    If you don’t own the home you’re living in you can still update the fixtures. For example you dislike the dining room light in the condo you are renting, you can replace it and keep the old fixture that was there before. When you move out you can take your light out and replace it with the original. If your apartment is lacking light even with fixtures add some floor and side table lights to brighten up the space. Below are some options of budget friendly fixtures!

    5) A gallery wall

    Lets be honest, art is expensive! Instead of leaving your wall blank, you can create your own personalized gallery wall.
    There are a few ways you can create your wall, you can use personal photos, I like getting black and white photos printed and put in black or white frames. Another option is to get prints, Indigo has some good options and so does Desenio. Desenio prints are even made for IKEA frame sizes, making it even easier.  If you are feeling artistic you can even create your own designs or drawings and frame them, Or mix the 3 of these ideas!
    For picture frames I would go to IKEA, they have a great selection of standard sized frames in black and white. Here are some examples below:
















    Feature Blog written by Nicole our Interior Designer



    Find Out More About Nicole Here

  6. Clever & Innovative Renovation Ideas

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    During a renovation, we’ve all done it. Scanning pinterest to find the clever, innovative renovation ideas you can incorporate into your home. We’ve done the hard work for you and put together a Pinterest board which we think will make your life easier. We love including innovate features in our renovations. Here is an overview of a few ideas to get you thinking about your next project…



    Stairs Storage

    Finding a place to put those pesky shoes that pile up at the bottom of the stairs can be difficult. Shoe racks don’t hide them well enough for our liking and cupboard space is precious. We love this idea of storing your shoes in the stairs.




    Pull out bins

    How useful would it be to be able to scrape food scraps straight to the bin! These bins are easy reach, hidden away and right where you need them most.


    Bathroom Storage

    So you’ve had your bathroom renovated and now you have to add all the life essentials like shampoo bottles. All of a sudden the bathroom doesn’t look as nice. This storage pull out is a great idea to hide all the daily essentials.


    Laundry storage

    Finding a place to put your dirty clothes before washing can take up lots of room. Separating colours is always a drag. We love this laundry storage as it makes all those problems disappear.


    Small touches count

    It’s easy to overlook the small touches. It’s a busy morning and your rushing around getting ready. The last thing you want to do is put a hot hair dryer on your lovely new bathroom counter. Little touches, like adding a place to hold and store these types of items make your life easier.


    Extendable Balcony

    Outdoor space is hard to find. The hot summers in the Lower Mainland can be difficult to handle without a little outdoor space. This is a great solution to bring fresh air into a room.







    These are just some of our favourite of many ideas we found on Pinterest and have created in previous renovations. Check out the Pinterest board here to see the images up close.

  7. Riverdale: Sweet Water Makeovers

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    Ads a If you live in or around Vancouver, you’ll have likely heard the buzz around Riverdale; the mysterious teen drama based on the Archie comic books which is being filmed in the lower mainland. 

    The filming locations of Riverdale have a very distinct mysterious style with the sets having a vampy mix of retro pieces with a modern twist. The aesthetics scream twin peaks, haunted hollywood and are very vampire-esque. As a result, this got us wondering how could we replicate some of these elements in our home. We have picked our top 3 sets from the show and broken down how you can incorporate some of the vampy style into your interiors.

    Inspiration 1: Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe









    Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe is the ‘Central Perk’ of Riverdale. It’s the meeting point for characters so therefore features poften in the show. We couldn’t help but get inspired by the 50’s retro/70’s mobile home vibe. The checkered floor and bright red neon signs and seating are reminiscent of the iconic Mel’s Drive In on the Sunset Blvd. We’re not saying turn your kitchen into a grungy american style diner. But you could certainly take some inspo like CW did for an event they threw.









    American Diner Style Appliances

    Appliances that add a pop of colour and a nod to the 50’s can liven up a dull kitchen and add a fun element.

    Kitchen Booth

    Adding a coloured kitchen booth like ‘Pops Chock’lit Shoppe’ provides the family a fun place to enjoy meals together while being very easy to clean. Furthermore, the bright colour lightens up the room and ensures the booth is a focal point. We love the neon sign above the booth and the mix of classic wooden beams with modern furniture. (pictured above)

    Checkered Flooring

    Checkered flooring isn’t just for the kitchen and it certainly doesn’t have to be black and white. Another thing we love is this dark green and white flooring (above), mixed with the dark walls and foliage. The the deep green flooring colour provides a modern twist while the darker walls keep the room looking vampy and glam.

    Inspiration 2: Veronica’s apartment building (The Permanent Building Downtown)









    Veronica’s apartment building is actually the Permanent building in Downtown Vancouver. This heritage building exudes glamour and class. The original Bank of Canada vault door still stands in the main hall as well as the beautiful stained glass atrium over head. This is perfect apartment inspiration for those wanting a elegant and prestigious look.








    Stained Glass Windows

    If you don’t have an atrium like Veronica, why not add stained glass to the bathroom. Due to the fact stained glass instantly adds drama, history and interest. The glass windows in the bathroom (above) provide beautiful colours which will change as the sun shines through. It also gives an element of privacy without having to frost the glass.

    Crown moulding and framing doors and windows.

    By framing the doors and windows you instantly make the room look more expensive and dramatic. This creates interesting lines for the eyes to follow and makes your home look far more upscale and traditional.

    Metal and steel

    It’s ok, we can’t afford our own steel vault in our home either. However, we can afford to introduce metal features such as this sink (above). By mixing metal with traditional materials such as wood, your home can look rustic and modern. The alternative textures really complement each other.

    Inspiration 3: The Blossom Mansion



    Twitter @madelainepetsch






    The brick & stone Blossom Family Manor is impressive in size and quality. While located in South Langley, British Columbia, the property is the gem in our inspo blog. Notably, the dark wood, velvet and gold finishes provide a mysterious and rich atmosphere.







    Dark wood with gold accents

    Don’t be afraid of dark wood. It can be intimidating using dark wood, particularly with dark paint, however by adding gold accents the reflections lighten up the space and make the colours look far richer.

    Fireplaces Gates and Tall Candles

    We pay homage to the Blossom Mansion gates by including a smaller version in the fireplace (pictured above). Firstly this gate adds drama, secondly it contrasts well with the lighter fireplace. Tall candles often make appearances in the Blossom Mansion and by adding these around the fireplace it can be a great way to bring everything around the fireplace together. It’s also common that fireplaces in vancouver are decommissioned but not removed. By going this, it’s a great way to keep it a feature.


    If we are talking vampy style, velvet has to be included! In order to ensure velvet doesn’t look tacky you could add matte materials and matte paint around a feature velvet piece. Furthermore, this allows it to shimmer and stand out without clashing with any other shiny materials. Since in the Blossom Mansion (pictured above) velvet bedding and sofas are always the focal point.

    Here at Revision Renovations, we have in-house designers who will be able to help you pull these looks together from flooring to fixtures and fittings.

    Contact us and get started today!

  8. Quartz vs Granite Surface – An Interview With Cambria Quartz

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    When it comes to picking out surfaces for your new kitchen or bathroom renovation it can be hard to know which type of surface will best suit your lifestyle and home.


    You might know you want a white kitchen, a style that’s been very trendy lately. However, it’s important to know if that’s practical? If you decide to sell your home, will it still be trendy? Are the surfaces you pick going to be high maintenance? These are questions you’ll need answering before you can decide on surfaces for both your kitchen and bathrooms.

    Quartz vs Granite – Let’s find out what the expert thinks.

    We talked to Tiffani Epperson-Reeve from Cambria about their surfaces, the differences between Cambria quartz and granite, why they like working with us and what will be the new hot trends this year.

    The below info sheet tells you everything you will need to know about Cambria to make an informed decision about your new surfaces.

    Download now

    Cambria Infographic

    Quartz vs Granite:

    Strength & Durability
    Cambria is much harder than granite or marble making it more durable. That means Cambria is less likely to scratch, chip, or stain for years of flawless service.

    Maintenance Free
    Granite and marble require regular sealing and polishing. With Cambria, all you need to do is wipe it down with a little warm water and mild soap.

    A Healthy Kitchen
    Cambria is nonporous and nonabsorbent so it won’t draw in moisture from raw or leftover food, which can harbor harmful bacteria.

    If your still unsure what surface type you should pick, check out this fantastic video from Cambria

    Check out our previous kitchen and bathroom projects here


  9. Summer 2017 Design Trends

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    We talked to designers and suppliers to find out what trends are hot in summer 2017.

    Summer is finally starting to show it’s face around Vancouver and here at reVISION Renovations we couldn’t be more excited about it! 

    With the curtains and blinds pulled and the sun streaming in our windows, it can sometimes highlight how dated and in need of a refresh our apartments and homes are looking.

    We have pulled together a colourful infographic of Summer 2017 Design Trends to help you to brighten up your home and get inspired for that new renovation you have been dreaming of.

    Download Infographic


  10. Top 10 Misconceptions About Home Design

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    There are some typical misconceptions about home design we aim to address in the next 10 points. We all want a modern and beautiful home to live in. However, most of us cannot afford to buy a new home when we begin our adult journey. We usually opt for a home that is structurally sound and well-cared for. We move into this home that reflects the taste and life of the previous owner and plan to redesign the home as soon as possible. There are many myths and misconceptions concerning home designs and home designers. We are going to try to debunk these misconceptions for you with these 10 tips.

    1. I can do it myself and save money.

    This is usually not true. A designer is not simply a person who has an eye for colors and fabrics. They are professionals with an eye for design and floorplan of the house. Choosing fabric is a small part of the designer’s job, you are actually spending more than they would have charged you for the same work.

    2. All home designers are female

    Like any other profession, there are male and female home designers. In order to become a home designer you must meet specific (college level)  educational requirements and in-depth training. The field is open to either sex.

    3. All a designer does is work with fabrics, drapes, and color.

    A designers job is to inspect the home and design it in a way that will maximize usable living space and increase the value of your home. In order to do their job, a designer must be familiar with:

    • Home layouts
    • Blueprints
    • Building codes
    • Inspection regulations
    • Architecture

    4. If you have a good contractor, you do not need a designer.

    While a good contractor is a must, their job is to remodel, renovate, and repair. They work closely with the home designer to ensure the renovations requested are possible while maintaining the integrity of the home. They help determine when upgrades require more than the minimal required materials. While their work does improve property value and contributes to the home aesthetically, the look of the home is not their job or expertise.  

    5. A designer will always want the most expensive products available.

    A designer is like any other business person. They know that in order to get return business and recommendations, they must give you great service at reasonable prices. It is true that they want quality items, but they keep their eye on the industry and select items like the modern pieces at Maestro Bath. This is quality and luxury at a great value,

    6. Designers keep the colors drab and basic because it sells better and allows new owners easier decorating.

    A designer will work with you on the colors you like. They will add splashes of color to accent the special features of the home. People want to see a home when they look at buying. Your home should reflect your style and likes, not the ones of some future buyer.

    7. Pools always add value to a home.

    Some people want homes with pools, but some do not. People with small children and pools are not a good combination. Pools also require time and maintenance. Some people are not interested in adding any more work into their home and opt not to have a pool.

    8. Designers and contractors cannot work in the winter.

    In some cases, a contractor or designer may postpone a job due to rain or snow, but most jobs can be done year round. You may choose winter months because they are usually available during winter.

    9. Only the inside of the house matters, that is where I need to invest.

    Your home must have good curb appeal. You could have perfect and beautifully designed interiors but if the house looks worn and uncared for from the street, buyers will not stop to go inside.

    10. Outdoor buildings on the property do not matter.

    Having a beautiful yard, storage areas, and a yard to relax in is a major selling point. The trend is to purchase a backyard pub. Click here to see shed and outdoor pub ideas.

    We hope we cleared up some the misconceptions you had about home designers. When you are ready to renovate your home, have a pro on your team, contact us today.


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