Here you will find a number of "tips" to help you with your home renovation projects.

reVISION’s Renovation Tips & Tricks

  • Bathroom Lighting Done Right

    Lighting sets the mood of the room, and in your bathroom you definitely want it done right.

    • His and Her Vanities – Bathrooms which include his-and-her vanities, each must be lit adequately and independently. Cylindrical, white pendent lights will ensure there is enough brightness for shaving or applying makeup.
    • Layering – The trick to making elegant pendant lighting work in a bathroom is layering. Put Pendants on a dimmer to control the level of light they emit so the mood can be set for every occasion.
    • Fluorescent tube lighting – Building a mirror out with plywood framing and tucking a fluorescent tube light behind is a great easy and economical way to give a modern effect.

    Modern, relaxing, or functional. The lighting just has to be right for you.

  • Tips to Surviving the Renovation Process

    From time to time the excitement of renovations can turn into anxiety and discomfort as day to day routines and household patterns are disrupted. This is especially challenging for those of us with a preference for stability, organization and predictability. When routines and patterns are changed it’s natural to feel stressed and upset. You may even find yourself:

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  • Trends in Home Renovations

    Current trends in home renovations include…

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  • Checklist for Energy Efficient Renovations

    Renovation is a great time to improve your home’s energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Discuss the following areas with your renovator:

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  • Pre-Construction Meeting

    Items that should be discussed at the pre-construction meeting are:

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