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August 2013 Newsletter

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In this issue of reVISION’s Renovation Newsletter: 3 Ways To Keep Your Renovation Out Of The Courthouse Capitalize On Your Rental Property With Home Renovations Set The Mood Right With Perfect Lighting reVISION’s featured project reVISION Announces Partnership With Kevin Parenteau Bathroom Renovation Tips – 6 Ways To Create Your Very Own Private Oasis Quick Tip – Add Ledgestone Tile

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Capitalize On Your Rental Property With Home Renovations

As a bookkeeper and tax consultant I am often asked the question “Is there a way that I can save money on, or claim a tax deduction for, my home renovations?”

In relation to claiming a tax deduction on the house in which you live, in most cases my answer is “no” unless you are a sole proprietor and you work from home. In this case you are able to claim the cost of renovating your home office (and only this portion of your home) as a tax deduction.

However, there are many deductions that you can claim if you own a rental property. Some which subsequently allow you to receive a write off for any home renovations you complete.

The following is a list of write-off’s you can claim against your rental property income:

Advertising expense – You can write-off any costs associated with advertising that your property is for rent.
Interest expense – Any interest accrued on the mortgage for your rental property is tax deductible.

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Set The Mood Right With Perfect Lighting

Lighting is functional and transformational. Innovative lighting trends are taking luxurious home design to the future. If you are planning a bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation, or any other type of renovation make sure you explore lighting. Kirsten Sutton, reVISION’s head designer shares different types of lighting which can be used:

1. Layered Kitchen Renovation Lighting – Largest lighting trend of the year. Creates flexibility through intensity, and lighting up the right areas when you need it most. slider-02Transforms the kitchen into a functional area for the entire family. Combined styles include: under cabinet LED lights, track lighting and wall sconces, etc.

2. Brass, Nickel and Chrome – Metallic accents add unique detail, texture and luxury. Light bounces and glistens off of metallic fixtures or metallic accents. Metallic window frames accents the natural light beaming into your home.

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3 Ways To Keep Your Renovation Out Of The Courthouse

A recent research from TD insurance showcased that majority of homeowners are not considering the insurance implications of their renovation. Renovators share 3 common homeowner myths and offer advice for homeowners to consider before doing a DIY renovation or hiring a Vancouver contractor.

1. Renovation coverage under original insurance policy – 56 percent of homeowners believe they will be covered by their original insurance policy during their renovation. This is incorrect, depending on the type of renovation you may be required to change your policy to “building under construction”. Keep in mind if you are moving out during the renovation for more than 30 days you may require a vacancy permit during this time.

2. Homeowner’s are not responsible for any contractor injuries – Though Vancouver contractors are trained professionals accidents do happen. Some homeowners incorrectly believe that they are not responsible for any injuries which take place on site.

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Press release reVISION Custom Home Renovations

For Immediate Release reVISION Custom Home Renovations Inc Announces Partnership with Kevin Parenteau Vancouver BC – July 16,2013 reVISION Custom Home Renovations Inc is pleased to announce the recent Partnership with Kevin Parenteau to lead reVISION’s sales and marketing department. Kevin Parenteau comes with over 15 years of Operations, Sales and Marketing experience within the construction industry. Most recently, he …

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Pairing The Antique With The Sleek – Tasteful & Beautiful Interior Design With The Help Of Vintage Light Fixtures

There are multiple reasons why you should “mix it up” and pair antique lights with your brand new remodel, namely it looks amazing, but here are few to start the conversation:

1.) This is a big one: It helps transcend time periods & trends.
There is nothing worse than 5 years after you’ve redecorated to feel like you are surrounded by yesterday’s news. Think of it like technology. If you put in the latest tube TV set of its day, and then everyone evolves to flat screens, you’re bummed. But if you had a smokin’ groovy retro TV set in the corner to begin with, it would still be a fun conversation piece. ( Not the tightest analogy, but you get the idea.)

2.) It adds depth & texture to a room.
You’d be surprised how many folks respond to visually interesting things when they walk into a room. The last thing you want them saying is “I saw that in the catalog too.” or “I know where you got that.” What you really want them to say is something like “OMG, where on Earth did you find that?!”

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